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This workshop is essential to the process. The delivery team must bring the group together to discuss their solutions and priorities they would like to communicate more broadly through the production of a Community-Led Energy Action Plan in the next stage of work. 

Delivery resources

Westwood residents explore ideas and solutions to home energy efficiency and energy generation
Sholver residents vote on pilot project proposals


This workshop is about bringing the group together to reflect on the previous workshops, identify the key challenges and priorities for their neighbourhoods and agree on solutions to be included in the Community-Led Energy Action Plan

Who should be there?

  • facilitators
  • the neighbourhood group.

Key questions

  • what has stuck with you from previous workshops? 
  • which solutions do you think should happen to deliver energy transition in your area? 
  • what is the timeframe for these solutions? 
  • who should progress them? 
  • what would you as a group want to progress?

Group outcomes

  • consensus on which challenges, opportunities and solutions they want to highlight in the Community-Led Energy Action Plan
  • solutions they want to drive as a group.


Facilitators should seek to bring the group through a process of reflection on what they have learned about their place, discussing what mechanisms they think can support the energy transition in their place, prioritising these mechanisms and determining which stakeholders should “own” them (both in terms of money and decision-making).

As this is the final workshop of this phase, build in plenty of time for discussion and make the group aware of any next steps. This should include plans for the co-production and dissemination of the Community-Led Energy Action Plans and how the community and other stakeholders could be engaged.