page title icon Options for varying levels of resource and capacity

The Community-Led Energy Planning can be adapted to run on different levels of resource and capacity. Below two possible approaches are described.

Oldham Energy Futures Approach

This is an outline of the approach taken during Oldham Energy Futures within Westwood and Sholver. There is more information available on the Oldham Energy Futures website.

Self-selected neighbourhood group seeking to develop their own Community-Led Energy Action Plan

This option would work for a community group or charity based in a neighbourhood, with pre-existing connections and a ready-made group who can engage with the process. Its main purpose is to develop a Community-Led Energy Action Plan for the neighbourhood, which the group may go on to use to inform further action and to influence local stakeholders. Two workshops, focussing on the energy themes, could be used to identify key issues and opportunities in the neighbourhood, which would then inform an action planning workshop with a focus on solutions to the issues identified.