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Community-led Energy Planning can be used as a predominantly social process to enable people to reach a point of confidence and knowledge so that they can deliver the community action projects.

Sholver transport pilot project promotional flyer

The Oldham Energy Futures project included £5000 of funding for the community action projects, alongside time and support from the delivery team, a local authority officer and relevant field experts. Integrating resources to support the delivery of community action projects not only demonstrates to the community group that the initiators of this work are committed to its longer-term impact, it is also a lower-risk way to support the neighbourhood group into action.

The function of the delivery team during this phase is to provide project development support and to signpost the group to support within the community to initiate their projects.

What did you hope to gain from participating in the programme personally? 

“A better understanding in general but also the idea of being able to apply something in the area I live in was exciting. Just to see something from knowing I’ve actually been involved bringing it about would be great satisfaction.”

Sholver group member