page title icon Imagining workshops

These workshops are about activating the group to take project ideas forward and providing them with the information and confidence they need to make their ideas reality.

If activating the neighbourhood group to take forward community-led or -owned initiatives is a key aim of the initiators using the CLEP process, the imagining workshops will be important. 

The imagining workshops: 

  • deepen the neighbourhood group’s understanding of two energy themes which have significant potential for community action;
  • work with the group to add detail to the solutions identified in the action planning workshop.

To do this, the workshops:

  • present examples for discussion which are directly relevant to the solutions the group develops;
  • bring in experts to support the group to develop specific project ideas – such as community-owned solar or active travel initiatives;
  • build connections between the group and relevant strategic-level local stakeholders which would be involved in the delivery of actions or could help identify funding.

Oldham Energy Futures delivered two workshops to deepen understanding and develop the groups’ community-led and -owned ideas.

Imagining workshop 1


To help the group understand two energy themes they would like to work on more deeply and identify project ideas the group would like to develop in more detail.


Split the group into two to explore specific solutions within two of the three energy themes from the diagnose phase. These should be based on ideas generated in the action planning workshop. Bring in relevant local stakeholders and experts who can support the development of these ideas.


Two concrete ideas for action which can be led by the group, informed by expert advice.

Ideas for delivery

Read how this workshop was delivered in Westwood and Sholver.

Imagining workshop 2


To discuss the two project ideas which were developed and gain expert and local stakeholder input to advance those ideas.


Use this workshop to get the groups to present the ideas from the previous session to each other and bring in relevant experts to begin to explain the technicalities of making their ideas a reality. Use this as an opportunity to invite a local stakeholder to provide input, particularly stakeholders who can support the development of the proposed projects and help the group to access funding.


A plan for the delivery of one or both of the ideas developed by the group.

Ideas for delivery

Read how this workshop was delivered in Westwood.

Sholver residents explore pilot project ideas
Westwood residents refine pilot project ideas