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While the diagnose phase of Community-led Energy Planning (CLEP) process is very impactful in terms of generating data and building knowledge, there are multiple opportunities to build impact after the delivery of the workshops.

The activities in this section are ways to add to, and build on, the impact of the previous workshops and the Community-led Energy Action Plan outlined in diagnose and share.

If, due to funding limitations, the activities outlined below are carried out at a different point or as part of a different project, it is advised that activities such as the imagining workshops and community action projects are delivered as soon as possible following the diagnose phase so that the group is still engaged. If there is longer than six months between the end of the diagnose phase and the start of further activities, the delivery team should be mindful of changes in the group’s dynamics and changes to the local energy system which may affect the findings and solutions originally identified.

Oldham Energy Futures team share Community-Led Energy Plan with the wider Westwood community.