page title icon How this toolkit was developed

Oldham Energy Futures, funded by ICLEI Action Fund and delivered by Carbon Co-op, URBED, CLES, UCL and Oldham Council, was the prototype for the CLEP methodology. 

The project worked with two neighbourhoods in Oldham – Sholver and Westwood – to develop the CLEP approach. The resources produced and lessons learned from the process are included in this toolkit.

This work was enabled by Oldham Council’s pre-existing commitment to community wealth building, and a local green new deal which includes a focus on community-led and -owned solutions to the energy transition (e.g Oldham Community Power). This commitment to community wealth building enabled the project team to engage with key local stakeholders (such as First Choice Homes, a local housing association) to boost the project’s impact.

See here for a timeline of the original project.