page title icon Who is this for and what will it help them do?

This toolkit provides guidance for local council officers, community groups and other interested organisations (such as Distribution Network Operators) who would like to deliver, commission or fund a CLEP process in their place. 

The toolkit is particularly relevant for organisations that:

  • recognise that communities need an active role in driving energy transition in their places;
  • want to go beyond the “usual suspects” – reaching people who would not usually engage with local action on climate change;
  • understand that to deliver a truly just transition it is critical to engage people from lower-income communities and create ways for them to build community wealth, based on their needs and priorities.

It provides information about:

  • the practicalities of preparing for a CLEP process;
  • delivering workshops to build knowledge and understanding with a neighbourhood group;
  • communicating findings and solutions;
  • enhancing the approach and combining it with additional activities, including Local Area Energy Planning or community-led action projects to build community wealth.

Early adopters feedback

In 2020, Oldham Council partnered with the Oldham Energy Futures delivery team to run the first Energy Futures programme. 

Here’s what Cllr Abdul Jabbar, Oldham Council Deputy Leader, had to say about their experience.

“Oldham Energy Futures (OEF) is a new kind of community energy project – we have never before seen an approach to community engagement on energy issues on this scale.

One really important lesson from OEF is that the energy needs and interests in each Oldham district will be absolutely unique. OEF can help residents develop their energy transition vision for their own neighbourhoods, to meet the requirements and priorities of their own community.

We are excited about the potential pilot projects coming out of OEF, and Oldham Council will continue to play its part to support these community projects through to successful delivery. We hope they will inspire other groups in Oldham to come forward with projects for their own areas.

The only way we will be able to achieve our Green New Deal ambitions as a borough is by all working together – and the OEF methodology gives us a way to do this.”

Cllr Jabbar – Oldham Council