page title icon Introductory workshop: Laying the groundwork

The kick off workshop, designed to get everyone warmed up, introduce the participants to one another and the facilitators.

Delivery resources

Mapping places, people and initiatives of value within the neighbourhood


This workshop helps the group to come together and connect, giving people space to talk about what they like about where they live, recognise themselves as key experts in the room, and contextualise the conversations to come. It is not an education focussed workshop insofar as it only requires the group to understand the purpose of the work and leave with an introductory understanding of climate change and energy transition.

Who should be there?

  • facilitators 
  • the neighbourhood group.

Key questions

  • what is the CLEP process all about? 
  • what and who do you care about in your place? 
  • what is climate change and how does it relate to this neighbourhood?

Participant outcomes

  • connection with other group members
  • a clear understanding of the programme and what its purpose is
  • an understanding of climate change and how it impacts their neighbourhood.

Group outcomes

  • connection and kinship
  • an understanding of the collective knowledge of the group in relation to their local area.


  • This workshop should be conversational in tone, with facilitators working to bring the group together to share their experiences and thoughts about the local area. When discussing climate change, the people in the group should feel able to be honest about their level of understanding or how they feel about it.
Hopes shared in the first workshops